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Apr 13, 2012
@ 3:03 pm
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School’s out! :D

School’s out! :D


Apr 9, 2011
@ 1:21 pm
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The Cafe Du Nord Experience!

i realize that i never wrote a re-cap for our Cafe Du Nord show which is funny because i remember emphasizing what a huge deal this was for me… well! here it is! on days where i find myself with absolutely nothing to do, i make lists. and one day i made a list of all the things i’d like to do before i die. and one of the things on that list was to play at a venue in which Jason Mraz, KT Tunstall, Matt Costa, Tristan Prettyman, G. Love, Jewel, and Ingrid Michaelson have played at. well, i’ve still to grace the stage at a venue where G. Love, KT, and Matt have played, but Cafe Du Nord killed 3 birds with 1 stone!

i don’t think i realized what it felt like to actually BE a musician until this day, maybe i’ve still a long ways to go, i am sure, but playing on a stage with a standing room/dance floor was a new experience for me. i’m used to be background music (which i don’t really like btw, ha!) so having people screaming and cheering was amazing! attentive audiences= FTW. something about playing a show where everyone is just so into it… it  made me feel so fearless, it was awesome! 

i would definitely love to play this venue again, it had such great vibes and it was a cute little cozy place. one of these days i want to wake up in a different city every day, or at least play in different parts of the same city every day. haha! the more shows i play in San Francisco the more i realize how big the music scene is here, and i want to become much more apart of it. i want to really make a name in the SF music scene! i hope the LB’s and i can do that! i feel like play Cafe Du Nord was an awakening for me almost, like it made me realize how much i really just ENJOY playing music on a stage for people. i think it’s so cool that i can sing about stories and feelings of my life- and people enjoy it. it’s an amazing feeling.

here’s a video from the night, a new tune called “Sweet To Me.” i’m not really sure why i’m screaming in the beginning, but when i’m on stage, lots of funny things happen and i can never explain why i say or do the things i do, but i love it, haha!

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Mar 9, 2011
@ 4:30 pm

CF+LB Whereabouts:

  • 3/13- Cassandra will be performing live on KSFS Radio, tune in @ noon
  • 3/17- CF+LB St. Patrick’s day celebration @ Cafe Du Nord*, doors 8pm
  • 3/21- Finishing up the ocean shots in Santa Cruz for “Moving Out”
  • 3/26- CF+LB will be performing an acoustic set @ the Artist Alley**

*Cafe Du Nord, 2170 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94114, $10 cover, 21+ show at 9pm

**Artist Alley, 863 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, $15 presale, $30 door, 21+